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About Normanton Park Singapore

Innovative  Unsurpassed Craftsmanship By Kingsford Huray Development

Normanton Park Architecture Design

 Splendour of nature


Normanton Park’s location and potential for investment yield have made it one of the most hotly anticipated launches in 2021. Located in the prime District 5, it sits right next to the sprawling 47-hectare Kent Ridge Park and is flanked by a vast green corridor known as the Southern Ridges, which comprises several kilometres of green, open spaces and connects to several parks such as Hort Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve. Besides home to an array of Instagram-worthy flora and fauna, these parks also offer meandering footpaths and undulating terrain for a good workout. Other parks in the nearby areas include one-north Park and West Coast Park.

 360 Unblocked Views


Unlike any other development, its design is inspired by the Amazon rainforest, with 9 residential towers modelled after the rainforest’s majestic trees. Being 24 storeys high, all residential towers offer rare, 360 degrees of unblocked panoramic views of the sparkling city centre, spectacular views of lush greenery, the and the gorgeous southern coastline.


A lot of thoughts has gone into rewarding owners with the most memorable experience. Already sitting on an elevation of 25m on Normanton Park site ground, each residential block is built at an elevated height of 18.8m (almost 6 storeys high) for unblocked views of the city and surrounding greenery. This means that even the lowest floor will get a panorama of the extensive grounds.  Residents will be pampered by the awesome views as well as cool fresh breeze. Also, this provides additional privacy to residents enjoying the facilities such as sunbathing and those residing on the lower floors.

 Noise Impact Setback Distance


In order to minimize any noise intrusion to your comfort living from nearby traffic, Kingsford Development has set at least 100m between the nearest block (Tower 45) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). Furthermore, Tower 45 will be provided with acoustic ceiling and window/door restrictors. Selected strata-landed terrace units (Villa Collection) will also be provided with window restrictors and slanted fins.


Also, due to its sheer size, a generous amount of separation is catered for between every block. Unlike smaller developments, the 9 blocks here are smartly positioned such that there is minimum facing with your neighbours.

 3 Elevator Shafts Per Block


The elevators are the most overlooked features. Yet, they are one of the most important assets in a condo, especially in a 24-storey high development. In order to serve you in the most efficient and comfortable way, each tower will come with 3 intelligent elevator shafts for greater efficiency and reliability.

 Wireless Smart Home Technology


Inside every Normanton Park apartment, smart home features and sleek designer home appliances and fittings await you to make everyday living a pleasure. Through a wide network of home automation, security and lifestyle solutions, life will be such a breeze. With smart devices, all household operations can be performed at your fingertip through applications while you sit back comfortably. Be it concierge service, operating appliances or food delivery to your doorstep, your home life will be so fulfilling with home intelligence at your fingertip. Truly an intelligent  home that take cares of you and your family.



  • SMART DOORBELL – Communicate with your visitors with live video via app.
  • IP CAMERA – Keep a watchful eye on the goings-on at home with the audio and video function.
  • DIGITAL LOCK – Enables you to open your door in different ways – key card, pin number, fingerprint and through the app’s Bluetooth.
  • INTERCOM – Speak to visitors outside your home before granting them access.
  • FACE-TO-FACE GREETINGS – Welcome your guests through the lift lobby’s video intercom system.
  • VIRTUAL DOORMAN – Unlock your door though app password.
  • PAYMENT MADE EASY – Pay your maintenance fees through app.
  • HASSLE-FREE, HOME HELP – From house cleaning and choked pipes to air-con maintenance, choose from a curated list of services at your fingertips.
  • STAY ACTIVE WITH NEW SKILLS – Pick up a new sport and learn from certified instructors by selecting your lessons and paying through app.
  • MINGLE & SOCIAL – Bond with the community and find the right people when you need to reach out to them.
  • YOUR FOOD, YOUR WAY – Choose your favourite dishes from a list of caterers, pay for them and have it delivered to you all through the app.
  • 24/7 FACILITY BOOKING – Select and book your preferred facility whenever, wherever.
  • DIGITAL NEWS & E-FEEDBACK – Stay updated on important news and announcements and leave your feedback for the management.

 Majestic Facade To Be Admired Afar


Without a doubt, Normanton Park is already an icon in its own right. To further elevate its prestige, a lighting beacon framed at a wooden portal will be featured at the top of every tower. These signature shining crowns not only emphasize Normanton Park sitting on elevated and unblocked ground in The Greater one-north region and along Ayer Rajah Expressway, but more importantly, accentuate it’s 9 majestic towers to be admired from far away as there are no other high-rise buildings around Normanton Park.


Design Inspiration


Drawing inspiration from the immediate forestique Kent Ridge Park surrounding, the architecture facade is made up of 9 magnificent towers that symbolize raising trees from the Amazon ground. Green tinted glass and natural-looking timber-replica wall blend the buildings perfectly into the development natural setting.

 BCA Quality Assurance


Kingsford is committed to building the finest luxurious homes. To better ensure a quality housing project for home buyers, all units will come with 100% BCA Quality Mark (QM) certification. In other words, BCA will assess every dwelling unit of newly completed private residential projects. Meanwhile, China Jing Ye (Main Contractor) has continued to attain higher CONQUAS score every year.



Normanton Park will provide a free shuttle bus service for 2 years.

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