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Normanton Park Site Plan & Mega Facilities

Over 100 Lifestyle Facilities On Sprawling Amazon-Theme Landscape

110 Amazing Condo Facilities at Sprawling Normanton Park


Inspired by the Amazon Rainforest, Normanton Park‘s sprawling site area of over 660,999sqft is developed based on a 60/40 ratio concept – 60% is dedicated to over 100 lifestyle facilities and gardens and lush landscaping while the remaining 40% is focused on the layout of every mansion in the sky where space is the true luxury. If you are looking for a luxurious, peaceful and quiet home with beautiful greenery and sea view, look no further. Normanton Park is the perfect place. Its 9 majestic towers not only create a distinctive facade that distinguishes Normanton Park from its surroundings, but most importantly, they offer unparalleled panoramic views that will awe its residents with mesmerizing experience.


Looking for a green pocket where you can get some exercise and admire nature ? Apart from the contemporary modern lifestyle within Normanton Park, the 47-hectare Kent Ridge Park adds another dimension of lavish greenery and lets you rediscover nature trails in your own backyard. It is truly living in a park within a park, making Normanton Park the uber garden home of the city.

Normanton Park Site Plan Virtual Tour

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Normanton Park condo - Site Plan with legends

Site Plan Highlights


Be thrilled by the upcoming exciting condo facilities specially designed and tailored for the residents at Normanton Park at District 5, Buona Vista / Queenstown , RCR. Living in the central region of Singapore has just gotten a major upgrade with these 110 amazing Amazon-theme facilities together with the lush Kent Ridge Park just right next to the condominium.



The main entrance is situated along Science Park Drive which makes very good vehicular accessibility via a slip road from the AYE. Spacious arrival lobby and drop-off point away from the main road exudes the exclusivity of a private entrance. A secondary entrance (between Block 55 and 57) will be opened once Science Park Drive is extended in the future. In addition, a back-gate directly linked to Kent Ridge Park will also be included.


Unit Facing & Privacy

To the observant home-buyers, you would have noticed the develo per and architect have thoughtfully positioned the blocks in a unique way such that every unit gets to enjoy much valued privacy. For instance, where Block 55 is located, the opposite block (Block 45) is almost 200 meters away across the pool, which is a very rare and generous block-to-block distance found in today’s condominium developments. Privacy is certainly one of the top considerations that the developers have planned for. Even for blocks that are back-to-back like where block 47 to 53 are located, they are strategically placed in a diagonal staggered manner so that no unit actually looks directly into one another. Such arrangement is replicated from Block 57 to Block 61 as well.


Peaceful & Quiet

There are 22 strata houses located around Block 45, which is the closest block to the AYE. But the developers has buffered in a distance of 100 meters from the expressway. In other words, road noise would be significantly cut down due to this buffer zone. That is not all. Residents of Tower 45 will be delighted to learn their smart homes will come fitted with acoustic ceiling and window/door restrictors. Likewise for selected terrace units, window restrictors and slanted fins will be provided. The bin centre and generators are also cleverly tucked away from all the residential units and placed near the entrance to mitigate noise and smell pollution.


Rest & Relax

Apart from the usual kid playgrounds, you do get an adventure playground with an outdoor trampoline – a rare feature which you don’t see all too often. In the thick of the actions is where you will find a myriad of massive swimming pools located in the middle of all residential blocks. Imagine a 150m-pool meanders around like Amazon river. Swimming from one end to the other is surely going to be quite a workout in itself. Even if you are not too keen a swimmer yourself, the river-like ambience brought by the development will certainly garner your appreciation.

Explore All Exciting Zones


Enjoy these delightful and thoughtful residential amenities, specially crafted with each and every resident in mind. Whether you fancy a weekend birthday party at the function room or a tennis match to unwind after a long hard day,  you can simply book your preferred facilities from your Normanton Park Smart Home 24/7 at your fingertip.


1. Main Drop-off
2. The Grand Deck
3. Entrance Court
4. Sky Bridge
5. Lantern Trail
6. The Grand Walk


7. Open Plaza
8. Lantern Pavilion
9. Chill-out Lawn
10.Dining by The Woods
11. Family Dining
12. Outdoor Dining
13. Alfresco Pavilion
14. Family Pool Lawn
15. Kid’s Dining
16. Family Cabana
17. Waterfront Lawn
18. Boutique Lawn
19. Spill-out Lawn
20. Rolling Lawn
21. Serene Lawn
22. Amicable Pavilion
23. Waterside Pavilion
24. Sky Pavilion
25. Stream Pavilion
26. Central Pavilion
27. Oasis Pavilion
28. Tea Pavilion
29. Japanese Pavilion
30. Cove Pavilion
31. Western Pavilion
32. Feature Courtyard
33. Central Courtyard
34. Function Rooms
35. The Bridge
36.Rejuvenating Pavilion


37. Gym
38. Outdoor Table Tennis
39. Executive Pool Deck
40. Tennis Court
41. Botanical Outdoor Fitness
42. Outdoor IPPT Station
43. Fitness Pavilion
44. Kid’s Water Play
45. Kid’s Pool
46. 50m Lap Pool
47. Central Deck
48. Family Pool
49. Wellness Pavilion
50. Aqua Gym
51. Lap Pool Deck
52. Therapy Pool
53. Infinity Deck
54. Adventure Playground
55. Outdoor Trampoline
56. Poolside Deck
57. Yoga Lawn
58. Putting Green
59. 150m Pool Deck
60. 150m Pool
61. Poolside Pavilion
62. Pool Stream
63. Basketball Court
64. Stream-out Deck
65. Tai Chi Lawn
66. Toddler’s Playground
67. Aqua Foot Reflexology
68. Cove Deck
69. Cove Pool
70. Water Bed
71. Chess Garden
72. Changing Room


73. Forest Corridor
74. Botanical Pavilion
75. Botanical Walk
76. Vertical Forest
77. Tropical Pool
78. Tropical Forest Walk
79. Botanical Lawn
80. Hammock Garden
81. Amazon Island
82. Tropical Pavilion
83. Palm Grove
84. Lake Corridor
85. Amazon Lawn
86. Amazon Valley
87. Maze Garden
88. Forest Trail
89. Spice Garden
90. Bamboo Grove
91. Island Pavilion
92. Forest Pavilion
93. Rainforest Corridor
94. Rainforest Deck
95. Heliconia Walk
96. Herb Garden
97. Sensory Trail
98. Plumeria Court
99. Firefly Garden
100. Fern Garden
101. Fern Deck
102. Tropical Courtyard
103. Stream Trail
104. Spa Valley
105. Spa Seats
106. Water Stream Pavilion
107. Zen Garden
108. Swing Garden
109. Amazon Bridge
110. Botanical Deck


A. Guardhouse
B. Guard Post
C. Pedestrian Side Gate
D. Electrical Substation
E. Bin Centre
F. Generator Set
G. Dog House
H. Bus Stop 1 and 2
I. Primary Entrance
J. Temporary Secondary Entrance
J. Future Secondary
K. Shop
L. Restaurant
M. Maintenance and Fire
Engine Access Only

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